Rules & Waivers

Print out your waiver(s) and bring in the completed form(s) when you arrive to play. Mandatory before coming to Tac City® Airsoft.

  • ALL airsoft guns must be concealed in a gun case, bag, or original box until inside Tac City® facility
  • Ages 10+ strictly enforced

off-field conduct

(rooms, lobby, halls)

  1. All guns must be concealed when outside of the building.
  2. Mags must remain out of all weapons while off the playing field.
  3. Absolutely no firing of weapons while off the playing field. 
  4. All weapons must have safety on, barrel pointed down, and finger off the trigger while off the playing field.
  5. Barrel covers/plugs required.
  6. No communicating of any kind with players on the field.
  7. Keep your gear together. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Do not touch other players’ gear or property. 
  8. Keep your area clean.
  9. Foul language and bullying will not be tolerated. 
  10. All players must have the current days chrono tag and wristband before playing.

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on-field conduct

(on the airsoft field)

  1. Mask must remain on at all times while on the playing field. Eye protection must seal completely around the eyes. Players under the age of 18 must have solid face protection.
  2. All personal weapons must be chronographed before playing.
  3. No firing without permission except during the game. 
  4. Call yourself out when hit. Friendly fire counts as a hit. 
  5. When hit, hold your hand or weapon over your head and move quickly to the deadbox.
  6. No communication of any kind with players still in the game once you are hit.
  7. Absolutely no verbal or physical confrontation with other players will be tolerated. (ex: yelling at someone to call their hits or arguing with another player)
  8. Running & shooting and running & surrendering is not allowed.
  9. Do not move barriers or props. Do not climb on props.
  10. The ref’s decision is final.