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We carry all the airsoft essentials, including BBs, green gas, gear, rifles, pistols, and bags for your rifle/pistol! We’ve also got tactical attachments (lasers, flashlights, grips) along with gear for yourself (Dyei4 face masks, shemaghs, goggles, jackets, shirts). If you’re looking for something unique, we also carry custom built pistols and rifles so you can stand out above the rest. In addition to all this cool gear we stock in our Pro Shop, we also offer our 7-day gun tech services to repair your gun or downgrade your gun. (See below for full Tech Menu.)



  • Dean Plugs Install
        Does not include dean plugs
  • Barrel Degrease and Clean
        Removal of barrel and bucking from gun for barrel cleaning with
        barrel degreaser
  • Barrel Install
        Does not include cost of barrel
  • Regular Bucking Install
        Does not include cost of bucking
  • Quick Change Spring Change
        Lancer Gen 2, KWA 2.5 and ERG, Ares, Kriss Vector, and other
        non-gearbox removal quick change guns) (with purchase of new
        spring from Tac City Airsoft
  • Barrel Cut and Re-Crown


  • FPS Downgrade

        Cut internal spring or install low power spring in gearbox to achieve     310-340 FPS (does not include cost of spring)
  • HPA Nozzle Install
        Does not include cost of nozzle
  • Flat Hop Bucking Install
        Does not include cost of flat hop bucking and nub
  • Trigger Modification for ECU
        Can only be done on guns with micro switch triggers


  • Custom Fitment and Modification
        Sanding, dremeling, polishing, etc. to install custom parts
  • HPA Tune-Up
        Lubing o-rings and setting FCU for better air efficiency
  • Hi-Capa Full Tune-Up
        Barrel degreasing, trigger sears cleaned, bucking cleaned, check
         for parts wear down, file down metal burs if needed, lube o-rings
        and nozzle
  • AOE Correction and Shimming
  • Speed Trigger Install
        Does not include speed trigger
  • Mosfet Install
         Does not include cost of mosfet
  • AEG Tune-Up
         Gearbox internals cleaned and re-greased, check for parts wear
         down, lube piston o-rings for better compression, clean and
         degrease barrel (price may vary on unique guns)


  • HPA Install
        Installation of HPA engine in standard V2 and V3 gearboxes
         Does not include cost of HPA engine
        (Price may vary on unique guns)
  • High Speed SSG Gears and Motor Install
        Installation of high speed gears and motor with proper shimming     and AOE correction
        Cost of gears and motor not included
        RPS rate will vary from gun and battery type used
        (price may vary on unique guns)
  • AEG Pro Tune-Up Kit Install
        Does not include cost of tune-up kit)


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