Welcome to Zero Dark

We are pleased to announce that you have been selected to participate in our pilot for after hours gameplay at Tac City Airsoft. Your attendance and feedback can help us grow this into a new style of airsoft that allows players to expand their normal gameplay into unknown realms.


Zero Dark is designed to provide a unique play experience to our 18+ crowd that will allow for more intense, objective based gameplay than our regular public sessions. This gameplay will only be offered during after hours - testing the mental and physical limits of our clientele.

Games may or may not include the following elements:

  1. Full force
  2. Full Auto
  3. Blackout
  4. Low Light
  5. Objective based modes
  6. Team based operations
  7. Low ammo count
  8. Fog/Low visibility gameplay


Players attending Zero Dark will also have the opportunity to enjoy specials and extras that are not offered during normal business hours. These include limited edition patches and t-shirts, a custom challenge coin to all participants, free raffles, and special sales on gear and weapons in the Proshop. 


  1. Players must be 18+ and have valid government ID
  2. Players must be willing to play team based objective games, and follow all rules accordingly
  3. Player’s weapons must chrono at or under 350 fps & 30 fps, with.20g bb’s
  4. All players must be present and registered by 11pm the day of. No admission will be allowed after 11pm. Registration must be paid in full before the day of Zero Dark. No refunds will be issued if a player does not make it, or does not arrive by the end of registration.
  5. Food and beverage are allowed:
  6. No alcohol - Any players under the influence upon arrival will not be allowed in
  7. No food deliveries after 11pm, as the door will be locked and staff will be on the field
  8. Players are expected to clean up after themselves, no exceptions
  9. Players will be required to have or purchase an LED light band, and a barrel cover or barrel plug for each firearm. Pistols are an exception as long as the player carries the pistol in a holster, or dump pouch


  1. Firearms: All Weapon classes are okay for this event. HPA systems DO NOT need to semi-locked
  2. Mid cap magazines only - Box mags and Drum mags will be allowed during certain game modes - NO high cap magazines
  3. Drones and RC cars will be allowed at the owner’s risk. Tac City cannot be held liable for damage to a players gears
  4. BB grenades, landmines, and claymores are allowed
  5. NO Pyro
  6. Flashlights are highly recommended
  7. Tracer units are highly recommended
  8. Players are recommended to bring a rifle and a pistol at very minimum. There will some games that are pistol only. 


Tac City wants you to bring your cameras, and Go Pros! Your help in creating and sharing content in your circles is a key part in us expanding Zero Dark in the future. 

Player Conduct

  1. Players are expected to live the Tac City Core Values while attending Zero Dark. Due to the nature of the gameplay, there will be an emphasis on Safety, Integrity, and Respect. We also encourage feedback in real time on game modes, so that we can continue to deliver Innovation in gameplay and Service to our guests.
  2. Players who do not play the games as intended will be removed from play
  3. There is no place for physical or verbal altercations in Zero Dark. Any players who engage in these acts will be removed from play




ZERODARK: 10:15PM - 2:00AM

PRO SHOP SALE: 2:00AM - 3:00PM