Tac City® Airsoft Franchise


Tac City Airsoft, the leading indoor playing field in California and one of the most sought after locations to play worldwide, is excited to offer franchising opportunties for owning a Tac City Airsoft location and franchise! This is a great opportunity for building your own business with a turnkey offering from us.

Since opening our doors the doors of our first field in 2008, and having provided over 1.2 million customers with an exciting experience via our various offerings, we now have a fully developed world recognized brand with a full menu of experiences to offer to the right entrepreneurs!

Why choose Tac City®?


  • Turnkey Offering – Established SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and Know How for success- Why start from scratch with your new business? Bumjping into obstacles, road blocks, and wasting time digging yourself out. Instead we can set-up our franchisees with SOP’s for almost operations, anomalies, and all sorts of situations for smooth operations. We have videos, posters, online ads, and much more all available at the click of a mouse button! We will help you plan events to build-up your customer base? Choose from our successful themed events and contacts for those events. Manage your ad campaigns. Let our experience be the rock you build your business on!
  • Network of Essential Vendor Contacts – You can’t enter this business without having the contacts needed to provide the necessary equipment and stock. We have them, and so will you when you are a Tac City Airsoft Franchisee!
  • Tried and True Field Plans – It’s not as easy as just putting up barriers. Knowing what types of barriers, what types of materials, field layout for best flow, and much more is absolutely essential to success. Use the benefit of our years of learning through trial and error, to get it right to start with!


  • Brand Awareness – Add your location to our ranks and allow our brand to help attract players from all over to try your field! Flying our flag will ensure that your customers know they can expect a quality experience from a brand they trust, rather than just another place that thinks they know airsoft!
  • Multifaceted Experience Offering – As a Tac City Airsoft Franchisee, you can offer your customers so much more than airsoft! Nerf Battles, Archery Attack, Special Competitions, Professional Combat Training, Corporate Team Building, Virtual Reality, and more! Multiple experience offerings equal multiple streams of revenue…rain or shine!
  • Proven Profitability – Our program has a proven profitability that could very well be yours! By implementing our program, you can be confident that you are investing in a proven and profitable system.

Are you ready to open up your own indoor playing field near your area?

Please email us at Franchise@TacCityAirsoft.com to request more information and take the next steps!